WANTED: Need a pepper fix

smokemaster_2007May 28, 2011

Looking for trades.

Feeding the mites on my plants is getting old.

I need a pepper seed fix.

What do you guys have to trade?

I have a LOT of stuff to trade,I'm sure I have something you might want.

Make me an offer.

Don't even think about trading jalapenos or weed seeds(anything other than non bell pepper seeds) for rare wilds. :)

But I am open to just about anything I might be low on or that's new to my collection.

Not into wearing out my typing finger posting my seed list-3000 strains,crosses and varieties of pepper seeds.

Easier to tell me,Via E Mail what you have and want.

Heck I'll toss in a few of my Super Mites if you want to start your own colonies...

These @#$%^&! won't go away.Going on 2 seasons...

I've gotta train these suckers to sit and fetch or something.

A mite circus?

Don't worry,they don't hang out on seeds.Just my rarest or favorite pepper plants.

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smokemaster-It would be an honor to trade with you, but I highly doubt I have anything you need...but just in case here's a few I'm proud of :

Fish pepper
Fatalii yellow
Habanero chocolate,yellow,and mustard
Naga Dorset
My personal favorite is 10" Hot yellow wax.(very hot)
Serrano orange.
Black pearl....beautiful plant
Black cobra
Yellow Marconi
Birgits Locoto
These are currently growing(and doing wonderful) and I will have plenty of seeds available..?

Thanks again for your generosity, most of my seeds came from you.
Take care

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Let me know when you have seeds ready to trade.

I still need my pepper fix.

I trade so much and do a ton of SASBE offers so I'm always looking to replenish stuff or get new stuff.
I only have a couple thousand non bell pepper varieties out of the gazillon that are out there.

I do like spreading the heat,both ways.

Serrano orange-final color?Most go from green to orage to red that I've grown.

Lots of Mustard Hab. strains out there too.
Most are slightly different,Some are HUGE in size.Different colors/shades too.

When I first started growing peppers I couldn't decide what to grow.
I decided to grow them all.

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smokemaster-Last year I received seeds in a trade and they were marked orange serrano. Here's a pic of what they look like...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Can't tell what they are...
Were they from me?
I seem to remember seeds caled that from a trade or?
Cool plant.Are they hot?sweet....?

Maybe a cross.

Some look like they are shaped like mini Apple Peppers or a Baccatum -Peruvian orange get round and segmented like some of those pods.

I'd be interested in a trade.
Name sounds very familiar for some reason.

They might be from a Hybrid serranos seeds.

I did get a serrano once from a Mexican Market one year that grew pods like the non segmented oval ones but you have a couple of pod variations on your plant.
Doesn't look the same.

Looks like its putting out the pods.
Might be nice for pickling.

I just looked,I don't have an orange Serrano,or at least not one with my other serrano varieties of seeds.
Save me some seeds to trade.

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I will save you some seeds. If you want, I can send out some ripe peppers for you to try. They stay orange, and are fairly hot with a slight sweetness. pretty tasty.
I may have gotten them from you. I believe they were marked
peruvian orange serrano...

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They were possibly Peruvian Orange,if they were from me.
They are round and slightly ribbed.
Did the buds have gold specks on them(baccatum)?
If not they are a cross.

Peruvian Serlano aren't like the pics of your plant.
I don't have a Peruvian serrano of any kind.
Haven't grown out Peruvian Serlano yet,but have seeds.

Peruvian orange,I grew them in 2009+10.Mites got them...

Wind was blowing,blurry,sorry...

I did find this-which doesn't look like yours-link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peruvian Serrano

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Look in the not as blurry pic,top right bud.
It looks green but it's usually gold/yellow in the bud.
Another bud below it too.
Camera makes it look green.

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I must have the peruvian orange then. Not serrano.
You can still have seeds or pods if you want....

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I have whight bullet habs that look like that

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Usually White Bullets are smaller than that I think.
Wrinkled somewhat too.White Raisins.
There is a gold Bullet.

If the buds had gold specks in them,they were C.Baccatum-Peruvian Orange.
If the seeds were from me they weren't Golden bullets.
Could have been a cross but those look to only have 1 pod per node in the picture I think.Not Chinense I think.

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Anybody up for a trade?

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I have some yellow 7 pod and btuh and johna 7 pod that I can trade. Also some ai cristal and few others.

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Hey Smokie....Wassup!!!!
Hit me up Dude.
Love those White Raisins.
Your Bud,
Pepper Joe

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Pepper Joe, what a guy!

Smoke, not sure I have any peppers that would interest you. Seeds I've saved this year:

Bhut jolokia
Yellow cayenne
Red Peter

Soon a red cayenne.

No trade necessary because you've been so generous to me in the past.

Hope you have better luck with the mites. I'm overwintering my peach hab that didn't get a chance to fruit, healthy plant covered in them. I caught ten ladybugs in my house and put them to work, they weren't interested. So I took it outside, sprayed the plant and roots with water, pruning the roots and top to match, then replanting in what I have available here, peat moss until I can get more perlite and pebbles.

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Hi Smokemaster
This is Ms PeppaJo . Did you get a chance to check out what I needed for next season under heading " looking for seeds/pods"? I am the one that planted super late in the season due to my mothers passing but I have a couple plants trying to do something! No unusual plants or anything . If these Chimayos change before it gets cold I am 5'3" and I will be up to my arse in Chimayo pods!!! That is from basically 2 potted plants!! I have some black Cubans, Christmas bells, Takanotsume, some I haven't identified yet( tiny leaves, 5 point star flower and the pepper is an orange more than red) I have my big fat baseballs ( Alma's) out there and a couple of black pearls but only Heaven knows what I will get before it gets to cold. I have picked a couple Chimayos, Takas, and the I identified ones they are in the fridge now.
Any hope for me?


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Hi Smokemaster
I am having a heck of a time finding some seeds I need. Maybe u have a few or know someone who does? Can u help me out? Love ya for it!!
Looking for: Amish Bush, Aji Cito , Brazilian Cumari , chili Firecracker , Devils Tongue, El Incendio , Explosive Ember, Filius Blue, Goldfinger , Infinity, Lemon drop, Manzano Amarillo, hot Paper Lantern, Prarie Fire, Purira, Puta Madre, Tom Thumb, White Habenero. I don't know what I could give you for trade ...you basically have way more than I do . I only started last year . But ask and I will see if I have it or can get it !!!

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ronnyb123(Zone 9)

Hi Smokemaster,

I will trade with you. See my Exchange list. Let me know if you see something you may want.


This post was edited by RonnyB123 on Wed, Jan 8, 14 at 18:48

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