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verticaltriageAugust 12, 2008

Hi! I'm new to the site. I had a passiflora two years ago on my back porch and when I forgot to bring it in for the winter it died. Well, I thought it had died. It sat in a pot "dead" for a few months and when nothing happened I threw it out at the edge of my property. Yesterday I found that it is growing every where in the weeds there. I pulled some of the fruit and harvested the seeds. I would like to grow them but I'm having a hard time identifying the vine. The flower looks to be incarnata but the fruit does not match the incarnata fruit id. The seeds are green and have a type of envelope on them that I have pulled off. I would like to know if anyone knows which plant I have and how I go about seeding them. Thank you! (Zone 8, NC)

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Take a look at the images on this website:
If this matches your plant, I have the same.
If you pulled the fruit from the plant, it wasn't ripe yet and the seeds were not mature. When mature, the seeds will be black, and each surrounded by juice in it's own sack. The cavity of the fruit will be full. You can even smell the ripe passion fruit perfume through the skin. Look around the plant to see if you can find some fruit that has fallen off on it's own. If you find one that has fallen off and is starting to wrinkle, the seeds should be mature.

Germination is easy...

*Remove the pulp from the seed.
*Plant the fresh seed in moist seed-starting mix
(you can use a tray with cover, or pots).
*Place in a warm area or on a heating pad set on low.
(you may want to cover the heating pad with a towel
and be careful not to get it wet when watering the
containers. If using pots, place them inside a
plastic bag and close the top. Either way, make
sure the seed starting mix stays moist).
*When sprouts appear, remove cover from tray, or
plastic bag from pots).

By the way, the fruit is edible and very pleasant if ripe.
The easiest way to open it is to pull out the stem, then pinch the top on each side and pull it in half. The pulp comes out very easily with a fork or spoon. You can eat the seeds or not. They are woody and crunchy like a coffee bean. A friend was telling me they are a good source of antioxidants, but I have not confirmed this. If you want more information, go to the main passiflora forum to see other topics. I have one other post under the forum titled "maypop fruit?"
Hope this helps...I'm still learning about it myself.

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