Does this look right?

auron22(6b OH)April 4, 2014

A peony that I adopted from my father is finally going in the ground. Had it in a pot for a year. This is the first I've had a good look at what is beneath the soil.....and I'm a bit puzzled.

I've read eyes go 1" below soil, 2" if in really cold climate...but this has eyes at greatly varying levels. I noticed the ones on top, on the thin tubers rotted, along with the I chopped them off. Here is a photo of the entire thing.

Was this planted too deep, causing it to send tubers so far up? I've already cut off all rotted parts, about 6 eyes remain. I hope that was ok....There is also this giant hole, and one tuber has it's skin cracked. Does that mean anything?

cracked tuber to the far left.

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Sometimes the pith will rot away leaving the cambium, but they can still be revived by getting them into loose good draining soil. Potting them up may help. Usually they can produce 1/2 inch diameter roots within the 1st season, and those tubers will fatten up each year, but the main key is to put them in soil that doesn't get damp.

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It looks fine to me. As it has already been in a pot and has plenty of roots, I would plant in the garden as soon as possible. The top of the tuber should be your reference as to planting depth. Al

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auron22(6b OH)

Thanks for feedback :)

Glad to hear it's fine. It's going in one of a couple new beds i have this year. I forgot to mention, my father says it never flowered. Thats probably the lack of light in the area he had it in. He can't remember the name, just that it was something chinese...or so he thinks. I'm a bit excited about it personally.

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hmacflower(Z4 Ont.)

If it never flowered it could be becase it was planted too eye only 1" under the soil surface and it'll be fine.

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