Something I always wanted to try.....

jimhardyMarch 9, 2012

About $20 worth of PVC is clear and I can see the plants.

Only drawback is they won't get rainwater this way.

I usually just use some opaque plastic or a tarp and drag it over anytime

rain is forecast-esp if followed by cold weather.

I am guessing it really heats up under this plastic,can you imagine if it was closed??

It was about 15F warmer right in the center yesterday and it was VERY windy!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

HI Jim,

It looks alot neater too. I would like to buy some. Where did you get the PVC plastic? Is it as durable at the tarps?

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I got it in the fabric section of Wal-Mart,
they have 3 types that very in thickness,I got the middle one.

$.97, $1.97 and $2.97 thinnest to thickest.

I don't know how long it would last in the sun....
my little G-houses have held up for years though,same stuff.

Pretty tough stuff Greg,probably more so(in the thickest form)than tarps.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I use the plastic painters tarps to cover my make-shift Greenhouse and its opaque at the 2-4 ml thickness but does permit light and heat build up. That stuff looks more professional.

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Really nice! It looks much better than the white tarps. Will you be keeping them on when winter comes? That might be a great way to enjoy your plants in the dead of winter!
The sun is getting so strong that it is pretty difficult to keep anything protected without getting overheated.
Thanks for sharing!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Pretty good idea Jim.You don't think it would get to hot inside during full sun days?I guess it wouldn't as long as you have some way to let some of the heat out.Those palms in the picture are getting big,the one on the left and the one behind.

I wanted to ask you where you got those tents at.You showed them in another post.They had green frames with clear looking plastic covering them.That's what I need to keep out all this rain.What I like is they can still get natural light.

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Yea,it heats up but it is totally open on the ends and at the bottom.

I wish I could use this in winter but I think to hard to heat,
maybe as the under layer be used under the bubble
wrap and outer layer of plastic..............hmmmm


I have not been able to find the umbrella G-houses anywhere lately.

WOW-already 60F and not even noon yet(-:

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I didnt see those open ends, I guess that will prevent it from being a good replacement for your winter protection structures, but still great for this time of the year and/or as an addition to what you use for protection during the winter.

60F, before noon, wow, I keep forgetting that we are talking about March. It was a cold day here today, but seems like a mild one in the midwest. Forecast here is for 60s and up every day for the next 15 at least! Thats really impressive for this time of the year!

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Yea Alex

we have rain tonight-hopefully an inch!(-:) because after 70ish
tomorrow we are in the mid to upper 70s all week and I would
not be surprised if an 80F is in there somewhere.

I have seen trachys recover their spears after 2 weeks of 70F temps.

With any luck most/some or all will recover before
this warmth takes a little break-we hope it's a little one/or not at all!

As much as I didn't want to do it,I took the cover down as all the cactus
are way to dry and could use a drink!


I know it's only March but with 2 weeks of 70s forecast
I have already sunk the Bananas plants,Madagascar palm and column cactus.....
they are still in pots and can be quickly moved to the basement.

Even if it does get cooler/cold after this warmth all my stuff
will be adjusted to outdoor life!

Last year it was such a cool spring my trachys did not recover until May!

We may just get a 6-8 week jump this spring and NOTHING sets
up a great year of growth like a warm spring!

Esp when combined with lots of rain which I hope isn't a problem this little that is.

This is shaping up to be a tremedous year and I am trying to get a big jump!

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We have about 5 days in a row of near 70s or 70s so its hard to keep the plants indoors and thats why a lot of them are going outdoors now! I'm not planting anything tender yet because I dont think its worth it since the ground is definitely not warm yet and it will heat up much faster in a pot, but they will be in the ground in about 3 more weeks if the weather continues!
Its better for the plants to go outdoors now when days are comfortable then for them to go out when its really hot outside. Its easier for them to adjust to the cooler weather than the hot weather after they have been indoors for 3-4 months!

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Yep-thats why I uncover my stuff as early as I can.

Otherwise the cactus bloom in March/April and the spring rains rot the blooms.

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