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pittsgrovefarms(Zone 6)April 23, 2009

Hello GardenWebers:

With the spring finally here we thought it was a good time to introduce ourselves to a larger group of dedicated garden lovers.

My parents who previously owned a garden center for many years started a perennial farm in their 'retirement' called Pittsgrove Farms in Pittstown, NJ. They specialize in growing peonies, iris, daylilies and other unique perennials. While it started as a small operation a few years ago it has grown considerably.

We carry more than 70 varieties of peonies, a few hundred varieties of iris, and a large selection of daylilies and other perennials.

We are officially opening the first week of May but with the warm weather in the 80s we will be open this weekend before the 'official opening' next weekend. We currently only sell at our location in Pittstown, NJ and select local garden centers.

Knowing that garden lovers are always interested in new growers and gardens, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Hope you check us out online or better yet, come see us at the farm.

Happy Gardening!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pittsgrove Farm website

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Hi Jeremy,
Advertisement of any kind is prohibited on GW.

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pittsgrovefarms(Zone 6)

Hi Alina,

We didn't mean to offend or break policy. We had been told by a few people that had come to the farm to post something on GardenWeb to let people know we existed. They thought other gardeners would be interested since we are a small specialty grower.


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A business can post on Gardenweb as long as they follow the rules for businesses. The original poster did violate the rules as the post was not a direct solicitation to sell but a message to visit which is considered advertisement. I would like to see this changed at least for this group. My change would only apply to businesses that do not do mailorder. It would encourgage people to visit local nurseries to see different types of peonies. If after you visit it would be up to the visitors to purchase.

I personally would like more of the regional nurseries that grow & sell peonies to post here. There are many that only sell at regional markets or at the nursery. Without knowing about them how can locals look at their products and view any display gardens or growing fields, where permitted.

I do find it strange that I can link to a nursery that I like even mailorder but a nursery that sells only locally can not.

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