Transplanting Tree Peony

fragrant(z5 ON)April 4, 2009

I bought a tree peony at our local nursery. The peony has some tender new growth. It was in a warm nursery showroom. Our temperatures over the next week are going to below normal. The temperatures are going down to a low of 14F to 24F with highs just above freezing.

Because of the new tender growth, I was wondering if I should keep the peony indoors for now, and begin a hardening off process once the daytime highs are closer to mid 40s or so. Would you suggest a week or so of hardening off before planting in the garden?

Also, my other question is will it hurt the tree peony to be kept indoors for a couple of weeks if necessary before planting outdoors?

Thank you kindly for your advice,


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You evidently bought your tree peony in a container and it won't hurt it to wait for better weather to plant it. If you have a protected area cooler than the house temperatures with good light, I would keep it there. In the garden peonies do not usually grow tender new growth until the frost that could damage it are over. Al

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Betty, I would not leave it out overnight. I would harden it off slowly, first on the shady side of the house and then to the sunny side. Last year I bought several that were grown in nurserys and were much ahead folagewise to their in the garden counterparts. I dug a hole where i wanted to plant them and put the plant (still in the pot) in the hole. If a frost came I just took the pot into the garage, when we were clear of frosts I just plunked it in the already dug hole.

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