P. 'Incense' seedling

kiwinutAugust 20, 2007

One of my Incense seedlings has started to bloom profusely. The flower looks a lot like incarnata, but is bigger, about halfway between the local incarnata and Incense. The vine is extremely vigorous and loaded with buds. It does not seem to be very fertile so far. There is little, if any, pollen and attempts to set fruit have failed so far, although there may be one fruit forming now. The leaves are mostly 5-lobed, like Incense, and the petiole glands are more in the middle as well, but it otherwise looks like incarnata. I have 3 more of these seedlings that are also very vigorous and loaded with buds. None have bloomed yet, but should start any day now. As they do, I'll post updates. The other three all have 3-lobed leaves so far.



And yes, that is a gulf frit cat on the edge. I have not seen any here in the past 3 years, but they showed up in mass about 3 weeks ago.


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jblaschke(8b TX)

Very cool to see that your Incense hybridization effort is finally bearing, uh, fruit as it were. I've got a dozen or so seeds from the fruit that set this year which I've yet to get around to planting. I wonder if they'll vary much from what you've produced?

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

It looks like an Incarnata flower on an Incense vine - interesting and beautiful! Keep us posted.

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The seedling above did set a fruit, but not on the hand-pollinated flowers. It has not set any others, so it does not appear to be very fertile. Here is the fruit, which is still growing rapidly and may get rather large.

Two more of the seedlings have bloomed now. #2 bloomed a few days ago. I did not get home until late and the flower had closed and also had been in 105 degree heat all day, so it was not quite at its prime, so I don't have a good photo. It did surprise me as it had white sepals, petals and corolla, with a deep violet center. It will bloom again tomorrow, and should start blooming more frequently now, so I will post a photo soon. It did have some pollen.

Seedling #3 also has bloomed. This is a very vigorous, extremely suckering vine that is now loaded with blooms. The flower is far nicer than #1, looking more like Incense with a bloom nearly as large, but with more white in the corolla. It also has lots of pollen.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

That's great, kiwinut!
Is the fruit in the picture smooth like an incarnata fruit? I've got a growing fruit on my Incense that's fuzzy like a peach. Are the leaves on all the vines you've mentioned 5-lobed?

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The fruit has very fine fuzz similar to what I typically see on the wild maypops.

I have a total of 5 Incense seedlings, and 4 of them are blooming or about to bloom. Of these only the #1 has 5-lobed leaves. All the others are 3-lobed so far, although they could change as they mature. The #2 seedling had unlobed leaves for a long time, but is now putting out 3-lobed leaves as it matures.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

Kiwinut...where were the Petioles on your 5 leaves seedling?

I've got one that has five leaves, is VERY vigorous and the petioles are not quite as high as on incarnata, but not as low as on Incense, maybe 1/2 inch below the leaves.

It has set fruit (with either the incarnata growing next to it) or with the Incense pollen I've been spreading every day I see both in bloom).


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You definitely have a hybrid. The number of lobes may not be absolute, but the petiole glands are a sure indication. Yours is much nicer than any of mine so far. Maybe we can exchange some root cuttings. Did you get it as a clone or grow it from seed?

My 5-lobed hybrid has the glands more in the middle, similar to Incense. The others vary from right at the end as in incarnata, to about halfway between Incense and incarnata.

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Two other seedlings have now bloomed, but I was only able to get a good photo of one of them, #2. It was very different than the others.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

That last one is really beautiful and unusual looking, kiwinut! I wouldn't have expected you to get such a white one, but then I guess hybrids have recessive genes, too.

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Wow! Those are very interesting! I have 13 fruits on my incense now--can't wait to grow out the seeds!


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A fourth seedling has been blooming for some time, but I just got around to getting a good photo.

All four have set fruit now. Two of them have very small fruit, the other two have surprisingly large fruit. I also have one other seedling that was slow to get going, but is now taking off and putting out a few buds now.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Wow! You've raised some lovely passis!

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