WANTED: C. lanceolatun and one C. galapagoens growing

georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)July 17, 2010

Hi all, I have been thinking about getting some C. lanceolatum seeds, but I know very little about this species, I know most wild peppers are hot, but I know too that some are bland and don't have any heat to speak of.

So I was wondering if C. lanceolatun is hot or not and if the seeds germinate easy or not? I have a C. eximium that I grew the seeds germinate fairly easy compared to the C. galapagoens that I finally grew for the first time, I have tried 3 times and failed three times, but this time was different after two months, I finally got one to come up and I only planted one seed! I planted a C. tovarii along with it, they too take a long time to germinate and I'm hoping it will be sticking its head up out of the ground soon. I planted some wild Chiltepin seeds that for some reason has not come up yet and may have rotted, but I will wait a while longer before I give up on them and start some more. I have a C. praetermissum that has come up also, along with it and the others are all quite hot and produce a number of pods.

I started most of these peppers late in the season except for my C. eximium and a C. cardenasii which I overwintered from last year they and the others will be overwintered this coming fall and winter and I will be building a Table with grow lights that can be raised and lowered as needed and also I will make it so I can lower the table also.

I have so many house plants a couple that are over 18 years old that I move in and out each year and each year they get bigger and harder to move because of their weight, They take up so much room in my extra bed room that I have a hard time kepping everything under the lights I have during the winter, but I will have to break down and fined a new home for some of them, so that I will have roome for my peppers and all the seedlings that I start for my garden each year.

Well I hope that every one has a great season, I have sure have had a interesting one so far.

George W.

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reyna1(Zone 8)

Growing C. Lanceolatum seems to be a hit or miss type thing. I tried to germinate 1 pod this summer and it didn't germinate at all. I gave a friend another pod and he actually got 3 lanceolatums out of it - though through other circumstances the lance's died.

My galapagoense grew really fast, and stayed strong. It's about 10-12 inches long and is doing quite well outside. It has not bloomed, but just the mere fact that I got it into adulthood made me happy.

I tried to germinate :
C. Eximium, C.cardenasii, C. lanceolatum, c.chacoense,c.galapagoense, and one other wild.

The only 2 types that germinated were the c.galapagoense and the c.chacoense. I got 6 chacoense plants and 1 galapagoense from the planting this year. So basically - everything that germinated grew out fine once it germinated.

So to make a long story short. Germination seems to be the biggest obstacle (at least for me). Once they are germinated you can keep them alive.


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