Passiflora seedling time frame...?

wirtlo(z6 NV)August 23, 2005

Hey all,

I have some passiflora coccinea and mollissima (or maybe caerulea, but most likely mollissima). I was wondering what the time frame is on how long it takes to get to be 6" or 12" or however long. My seedlings are about 2 or 3 weeks old and have only put out 1-3 minature leaves. They are in a light box (w/ a very intence compact flourescent and the sides are painted white to reflect some light around). Anyway, passiflora time frame? Thanks! Eric

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Couple weeks / months or so, depending.

Stop looking at them every day & you'll be suprised at how fast they grow.

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I have a tray of P. caerulea that I started on 5/21. I soaked the $eed overnight and sprouted them in a divided tray. I think there was about 100% germination (seems like MORE) and the young plants took forever to start putting out typical passi leaves (that is, divided). It was so long that I almost convinced myself that I had started something besides passis. They are now about 18-24" long and twining around each other and anything else in their path! No sign of fl*wer bud$ though. I have moved them into 4" pots and am trying to trade some of them so that I don't have to winter so many of them.
I was wondering if there is a possibility of you having your plant$ outside in the sun? I think that would certainly encourage their growth.

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jblaschke(8b TX)

I'm currently trying to sprout incarnata, edulis and flavicarpa seed$. I had them outside in direct sun (in shrinkwrap-covered cups to preserve moisture/humidity) which worked... to an extent. I've had three incarnata sprout before the end of the first week--but too late I realized that the intense Texas sun was frying them. I've since moved the whole lot to an area shaded by an adolescent pomegranate bush, so while they're still quite warm, most of the sunlight they're getting is indirect and/or filtered.

I fear the three early sprouters sacrificed themselves due to my ignorance, however. :-( So depending on what zone you're in, be careful with direct sun early on.

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