U S Drought Monitor, June 19, 2012

Okiedawn OK Zone 7June 21, 2012

I've linked the latest U. S. Drought Monitor map, which was released today and which includes rainfall data submitted as of 7 a.m. Tuesday. It looks like drought is beginning to spread again.

This time I linked the whole U. S. Map so that anyone in any state can see their state. Just click on your state if you want more specific info for your region or state. That will bring up your regional map. On your regional map, click on your state again and it will pull up your state map.

Sometimes I think it is good to look at the whole country's map and not just our state's because it helps put the current drought conditions (or lack of such) in perspective.

Summer is here, and the heat and drought are coming after us and our gardens, y'all.


Here is a link that might be useful: U S Drought Monitor Map, June 19, 2012

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My weather station at the farm reports 14.26 inches of rain thus far this year. Unfortunately we have not had a storm give us an inch or more in one day since March and we are the driest I have seen in the last 11 years for this time of the year. (Actually that big rain in March is the only day all YEAR with more than an inch.) The quarter-of-an-inch rains help the grass for a few days, but none of it gets to the tree roots.

At home we are very dry, but we had a lot more rain through April than the farm did. The ponds here are in good shape.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Scott, You have my rainfall, which means you also have my sympathy. I would think this is harder on your trees than similar rainfall would be on my trees because my trees aren't used to the kind of moisture your trees get most years. I hope you get enough rain that you get a good pecan harvest. When we have as little rain as you've had so far, the pecan crop usually fails.


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I'm hoping for the best.

The pecan trees like the dry weather as long as they get water during Aug/Sept when the nuts fill because usually there is enough moisture from May rain to get them that far. Right now the lack of May and June rain has just caused the nuts to not grow as much, but my crop could still be as high as 45k (down from 50k) if we get good rain in July. If we get no July rain then half the crop would be lost. The trees in the good bottom-land soil could go till August.

I didn't make it to the pecan field day in Pauls Valley today, but from my trip to that part of the state in April, and with the rainfall there, it looks to be a great year for them.

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Dawn I posted my views on another thread about the map. It is already hot here this morning and looks to be that way through next week. Which will diminish conditions some. The trend shows chances of moisture picking up the 1st of July and through July. I'm just over 8 inches of moisture currently. Which isn't far off normal. Had around 7 inches for all of last year. The wheat on average is around 20-25 bushels per acre. Last year was zero except in a few cases. I have been training to line locate the last few weeks. Have performed locating from the OK Panhandle to Pueblo,CO. I will say placing markers, driving ground rods and removing them and digging a few holes that the Pueblo CO and SE CO areas of CO are drier than we are. They are where we were the 3 previous years. I feel for them. I saw several fields of sweet corn that was burning up. They don't have enough water to get to all of it with no help from mother nature. Just like we were last year.

Scott I hope you get some rain. I know the feeling all too well. I'm thankful we have received some relief and hope it is a sign of continued improvement. I don't expect a sudden change but a steady gradual change is better than none at all. Jay

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Our forecast is 100-105 for highs every day next week according to one station, but "only" 98-101 each day according to another.

I'm optimistic that we will have a couple of huge rains in July. If so it could be a near-perfect pecan season.

By the way, I don't think most of my blueberries can survive another year like last, even with all I have learned.

Jay, I will be through Guymon again in July. Any new Mexican food places?

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