how deep to plant peonies?

enettelbeckApril 18, 2006

Can anyone help? Last fall, I dug up several peony plants from a bed infested with tree and several plants, and overwintered them in pots. Amazingly, they did fine sitting in a cold shed all winter and they started to bud from the rhisome come spring. Intuitively, I planted them like "ducks on water" with the rhisome basically laying on the soil, like an iris. Then I thought about it and wondered if that will be "ok" for this plant. It made sense because it looked like the buds should have light, but now I'm wondering if it will hurt them to be exposed like this. Any suggestions? (Re-plant? Cover with soil? Or should they be planted like that?) Thanks, in advance...:-)

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The "eyes" should be above ground and the thick roots should be under. If that's the case, you should be fine.

If the roots are exposed, I would add some surrounding garden soil over those roots and sort of mound it up.

Hope this helps!


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