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J0_EAugust 21, 2011

Has Anyone been successfully growing Passiflora Ligularis?

I have Frederick, Alata, and Ligularis.

I have Alata and ligularis seedlings, I've successfully manage to get my seeds to sprout.

I am in the San Diego Area.

My Frederiks and Alata are well on their way. I also plan to place the Alata with the Frederick on the same trellis.

Any Feedback is appreciated.

I grow for the flower and love their fruit.

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I have Alata , Fredericks and many others,Ligularis I have not been able to get past seedling stage

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copain97(Rainbow, CA)

Where are you located in San Diego?

We grow P. ligularis, P. alata, P. edulis f.flavicarpa and P. incarnata for fruit. We are located in northern San Diego County.
We might be interested in some seeds of any of these species.

If you will like to contact us please send us a message at



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I'm interested in Ligularis too...would like to plant ASAP.
Copain...did you find seeds?
Everyone...any tips?

Eve in San Diego

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Here in southern tip of Texas, bought a ton of seeds on eBay last month and just last week had two of my Ligularis germinate. They're looking good as of this evening! Last month planted 25+ varieties of Passiflora seeds and have been amazed (so far!) at how well they've done--especially the P. cincinnata X P. amethystina "minas gerais" hybrid which shot up in less than 2 weeks! We've had some HOT days, and it appears that's what's helped. I keep all my seed trays moist AND in direct sunlight. I know, I know.. "what?!" But after seeing my direct sunlight trial group of seeds germinate as fast as they did, and watching my indirect sunlight trial group do nothing over double the time, I moved them to direct sunlight and watched them shoot up beautifully. Didn't soak seeds in anything, even though some of the packaging suggested it. Maybe the Ligularis won't make it very far past it's current seedling state...but I'll keep an eye on everything and post some pictures. So far...everything's looking quite good!


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ethane(9 FL)

Just curious, Josh, how did your ligularis seedlings do over the summer? Are they still alive?

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I grow ligularis, it is perennial here and just gets bigger and bigger each year, incredible growth rates. Its completely taken over large a rotunda frame frame and is now making an attempt to take over the rest of my garden! I've seen them climb all over large trees in other peoples gardens before.

Mine haven't fruited yet, only had them for 2 years, but judging by their growth rate, they should be great croppers.

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