Black Spot

bibbus(7b)April 19, 2013

For the past several years, as the summer heats up, my peonies develop black spot on the leaves, covered with it actually. I am trying to garden organically. What can I do to prevent or treat the fungal diseases that must be in the plant. Its not just my peonies. I get fungal diseases on my roses, hydrangeas and other plants that aren't coming to mind. We have endured very hot and dry summers for the past few years. Nothing I can do about that... I water them with soaker hoses. After the leaves die down I do remove them and throw them away. Should I prematurely cut the plants back before they die back?

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Check out Cricket Hill. They have a product they sell called Actinovate. It's supposed to be an organic fungus control. I'm using it for the first time this year so I can't tell you if it works or not yet. :) Look under books and supplies.

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Well, I can't believe it but the peonies have the most blooms ever on them. One tree peony that has halfway reverted back to the original plant has maybe 70 blooms on it. Amazing after such a bad black spot infestation. Maybe I'm missing something.

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