HAVE: chile seed trade

flchilehead(9b)September 3, 2013

Looking to trade seeds
What i have:
Red bhut jolokia
Yellow bhut jolokia
Scotch bonnet x 7 pot jonah
Yellow billy boy douglah
Butch t
Red 7 pot
White 7pot
Cajun bell
Christmas bell
Chocolate habanero
Red hinkelhatz
Yellow hinkelhatz
Chile de monte
Zoltons hot paprika
Golden cayenne
Super chile
Grove pepper
Heart throb
Beni highlands red
Aji habanero

What im looking for:

Vietnamese tear jerker
Yellow moruga
Mcmahons bird pepper
Pimentos de padron
Kitchen pepper
Kitchen pepper peach
St helena island acorn
Puta madre chile
Peach habalokia

Anyone interested in a trade please let me know. Thanks, Travis

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None of my peppers are on your list but let me know if you are interested in a trade I know I am interested

1. Carolina reaper
2. Cayenne blend
3. Jalape�o
4. Sweet banana
5. Santa Fe
6. Habanero
7. Scotch bonnet
8. Red Caribbean
9. Red mushroom

  1. Naga variant
  2. Bolivian rainbow
  3. Hot cherry
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Hey Scott, which seeds are you interested in? Are the santa fe the same as the santa fe grande? What are the naga variant like. Im sure we can work out a trade.

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I'm not sure if the Santa fe are the same as the Santa Fe grande but from looking at pictures they look the same. They have really good flavor and are my favorite out of my milder peppers. They were hotter than my jalapeños this year. Im really interested in any of your seeds this was my first year growing so I'm just look to try some new ones.but if I had to name some I would say any of the yellows( bhut. Billy boy, moruga) chocolate hab, and chile de monte all looker really interesting, but like I said I'm open to anything and would appreciate recommendations . I'm not really sure what the Naga variant is exactly. I grew Carolina reapers this year and a Caribbean mix. My dog thought it would be funny to pull out some of my pop sickle sticks that I was using to label them so I'm not sure if it was a pepper in the Caribbean mix or a Carolina reaper with different pod shapes, or maybe even a hybrid but they are super hot and tasty too here is a picture.

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Another pic

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