Unknown passiflora - purple flower, yellow fruit

kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)August 4, 2006

I got several cuttings of this plant from a friend. He knows it's a Passion Flower, and that it got a fruit for him one time only -- yellow fruit, described as pear shaped. He had not full flowers, but this one was starting to open. Hope this photo is good enough....

If anyone can help with id, it would be greatly appreciated. I currently have the cuttings in water and they are adjusting. If I can ID it, I figure I may be able to find "better" rooting assisance, rather than just winging it.

thanks so much,


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am not sure what kind but here is a link to some info on rooting cuttings and it also has tons of pictures of passifloras so maybe if you are lucky can find out what it is there. Hope this helps!

p.s. You should show a pic or describe the leaves because passifloras have different kind of leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora cuttings

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I was just checking to see if you got a name on this passi yet. I remember this pic from the vines forum.

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