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beth7happyAugust 17, 2009

Finally have blooms on the passi incense! It took 'transporting' LOTS of caterpillars to a wild passi on a nearby fence, but we have blooms! Usually the plants are stripped of EVERY green thing and die. Now, the plant is suckering - many feet from the original plant. Today I pulled up three long pieces - I don't think there is much 'root' there, but there was alot buried under the soil. These pieces are 2 to 3 feet long, have tendril that are grabbing everything closeby. Should I leave the whole piece while rooting or chop it into several pieces? And, any idea about how long before it will throw roots?

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Hello there,

I had a similarly sized P. 'Incense' sucker, (with no real roots, only about 2 inches of whitish underground stem growth, but NOT rhizomatus material), which we usually throw away, but for some reason decided to see what would happen if we stuck it in a pot and watered it. We yanked it forcefully from the ground, stuck it in a planter with some soil and perlite, and pretty much ignored it. Well, that was about a month ago, and it is now growing quite well. Anyone want it?

I have yet to attempt normal cuttings of this vine, as there has never really been a reason to other than to experiment. As soon as I run out of things that I need to propagate for other reasons, I'll probably try it. The worst thing that happens is nothing.

Good luck!

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Thanks, Eric, for the response. I have the cuttings in water right now, but since there are three, I think that I may put at least one into some soil in a pot. I like your take on 'the worst thing that happens is nothing'!!!

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