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fruitlover59August 21, 2013

So I planted a variety that is yellowish, and it is absolutely disgusting. Does anyone know a better tasting variety?

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As a generic answer passiflora edulis without knowing what zone you are in.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Is it yellow/orangish oblong shape with red pulp. If it is, then, I believe you have passiflora caerulea. That's not exactly an eating type(more for it's flowers), like retiredflorida said, you want passiflora edulis, which is the common purple type, usually found in the store fruit section, sometimes in season. but, knowing which zone or state, might be of more help determining a good variety for you. But, in reality, you can grow almost any type anywhere, but will most likely be confine into your house or greenhouse during the colder months. Which will take longer to flower and fruit however though.

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