You know what they say about watched pots...

Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))August 8, 2006

Yup, a watched pot never boils.

Apparently the same holds true with flower buds...

I've been watchin' this guy for a whole week. Left for the weekend- Went up to Corvallis, Or to look for a place to live. Found one. WHy there? Oregon State U has a botany program. I applied & was accepted.

Anyway, I expected it to bloom while I was gone... Obviously it didn't. I woke today like a kid on x-mas (this is my first sanguinolenta bloom) & came out to look... It's redder.. But still no flower.

WHen it finally opens I'm going to cross it with either quinquangularis or capsularis, whichever is open at the time.. Dunno if that will work, but can't hurt to try.

So expect pix prolly some time next week, if things continue to go as they have.

(my luck it blooms at night or something weird..)

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I know what you mean! I have a couple passis whose buds are just teasing me. Not only do I want to see the first blooms but I need them for ID. We had a bad storm a few weeks ago and name tags blew off a number of my plants. As soon as mine open I'm going to post pics so I can once again figure out who's who. I've no doubt that I'll get answers here with a foliage/flower pic.

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And me!!!
I have some Foetidea buds that just seem to be sitting there and doing NOT a lot! *Sigh*

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

She opened yesterday:

Unfortunately something was wrong with the antlers on this one & the capsularis who opened at the same time. They were very hard & brittle.. & never split to let the pollen out.
Anyone have a clue / guess why? Immature perhaps, or not enough humidity? (it's been dry as heck here- Note all the fires on the news? Yeah..) I'm gonna try & raise the humidity around them today, if I can.. Next bud looks like it *might* open tomorrow. Or next tuesday, if it's in the mood to tease me again.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I think it could be a humidity thing. She is beautiful all the same. Congrats on your acceptance to the botany program. If I had it to do over I would of got my BS in horticulture instead of nursing ;P. Good luck

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

She's a beauty Kris. Hopefully she will cooperate with you.
Congratulations on the acceptance & finding a new home.
How will all your passies do up there? Do you have access to a greenhouse or is the greenhouse your house. haha LOL

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

Wow! Did I send you that one? Can't remember-- but I know we've done a few trades and the sanguinolenta is one I have. Not my favorite in terms of flower detail, but she sure does bloom all over herself, huh? Right now, mine has at LEAST 50 flowers on it, and it's in a 2 gallon sized pot. And it's only about 3 feet tall... LOL
This one sets fruit readily-- not fruit you can eat, mind you, unless you're an ant or something smaller (hehehe), but you get lotsa seeds to offer!
Amanda 'romando'

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

I think it might be- I had one but it died.. Pretty sure this is one from you.
It's only 2, and about 24" tall. But decalobas tend to be small, from what I've seen.

Raised the humidity out there (leaky hose) & this one's antlers have pollen all over- which I've been polinating the others with (capsularis & quinquangularis) as they're both "stunted" in the pollen department, for some reason.

(too bad there's no "blue pill" for plants.. lol..)

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One of my Foetidea buds opened today... At Last!!! Not much Pollen, wonder if it's too dry in my Flat... Will start misting, see if that helps...

Thanks for the humidity tip krstofer

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

The pollen thing does appear to be humidity related- I turned off the hose, one bloomed.. Antlers were stunted. Turned it back on.. Next day another bloomed- Pollen all over.

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I misted the next 2 and like you Pollen, lots of and they set Fruit... Didn't mist the next NO setting of Fruit... So I'll be misting from now on and Hopefully I'll get lots more Fruit...
Hope my Ramble makes Sense... LOL

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