Passiflora: yellow/dying leaves

sdaztec0(zone 10 (so ca))August 1, 2005

I have a Passiflora Alata (Ruby Glow), which is potted on the side of my house. It gets alot of sun and I water it about once per week. It does well for a short time in early summer (about 1 month), then many of the leaves turn yellow and fall off. The leaves that remain green often curl. The plant just doesnt look healthy. I dont see any pests, but I have sprayed it as a precaution. What am I doing wrong?

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

I water all of my Passi's every other day; sometimes every day depending on the heat; and they all seem to do very well with this; also I lightly fertilize once a week with the Fertilizer that Dissolves in Water; and a 2 gallon's of fertilized water is split between 5 passi's. So it's just a light fertilization every week; but my plants seem to do really well from it; lots of large flowers; lots of new growth; very little dying; also with one of my Passi's I was having a Ant Problem; Ants seem to love my Margaret for Some Reason; so I sprayed it with a watered down bug killer; well since I did this many of the leaves are not doing well; I have never used a plant insecticide on my Passi's and I never will again; I personally think certain ones are too sensitive. None of my Passi's ever seem to have insect problems they all seem pretty tolerant in that respect. I tend to think it may be lack of a Nutrient; I would water a little more often and maybe try lightly fertilizing weekly. That's just what works for me though.

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