Pygmy Date Winter Protection???

palmetto-pal(7)March 20, 2009

I have a Pygmy Date palm i got at a Kmart for $14! heres a pic. it isnt this big because i cut it back a little. it is in a pot in my garage for winter but it rotted along with a butia a friend gave me! :( i poured Daconil Fungal Killer in them and my friend says they should come back. if they do, i plan to separate one of the trunks from the clump of Pygmy Dates and try it in the ground and see if i could get them to live where i do. whatwould i have to use as protection? i dont think i would be interested in making a mini greenhouse. i was thinking about tying the leaves up and wrapping the whole thing in clear plastic wrap and putting mulch at the bottom. would this work??? i hope it does. i think they are so pretty and it would be great if they could live where i do!!! also, if anyone has any pics they would like to share, please do.

Pygmy Dates

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Not sure where you are located, but unless you live in a 9a+ area, you are not going to have a PDP survive without major protection. I had serious leaf damage at 29*F Last fall.


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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

I think even Craig's suggestion of z9a is a long shot (zone 9a mean lows in the low 20s). They are not frost tolerant, so anything below 32 would damage it severely. I'm in zone 9b and I throw a sheet over mine on cold nights in winter to keep the frost off (but keep in mind we stay in the low 30s all winter long)

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I'm in a zone that changes every few years from 8b to 9a, and one year, I didn't have my greenhouse setup to keep my pygmy palms in for the winter. All but one died, and that was at about 23 degrees. The one that survived lived for 2-3 more years on its own in the ground, dying back to the ground during each winter freeze, but when it hit 18 degrees this year, I think it's safe to say that it isn't going to come back. This freeze got my majesty palm too, after it surviving through several of our winters.

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