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newbie3005April 20, 2009

anyone ordered peonies from their reviews are really good- on top 30 of watchdog list, I have not ordered anything yet, and realllly want about 15 peonies... anyone have experience with them for peonies? the reviews I did see, did not mention peonies specifically..

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I did not order from this site, but I ordered 2 Peonies from John Scheepers. I am very happy with the result. The divisions were not very big, but they were fresh and nice looking. One of them has tiny buds now. It was planted last fall! I am impressed.

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If you read the information on the easy to grow bulbs site they are very up front that this is the first year that they have sold peonies. Therefore they have no history/reviews for peonies. For the price expect a small 1 or 2 eye root.

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You will be better off in the long run buying from an established peony grower such as Hollingsworth or Klehm, and others. You may pay a bit more, but as with all things, you get what you pay for.

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ywilliam(z2/3 AK)

Others that are great are: or


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Reaths website has not been updated for 2009: are they still in business?

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Yes they are still in business. Many peony growers do not update their websites until later in the year. This is so that they know exactly what wintered over or is growing especially well providing more eyes.

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I ordered one peony from them last fall. It came up even earlier than my two more established peonies, but it doesn't have any buds on it yet and it hasn't gotten very big as of right now. It does have very nice looking foliage though.

I have bought other things from and I've had good luck with them.

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Last week I went to Costco and the store had nice 2 gallon flowering peonies. It costs $10.99 each. I picked one that had one flower in bloom and 3 buds. I'm happy with my purchase as I have ordered online and it takes several years before it flowers for me.

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Here is the TP Shimanishiki I bought from Garden Crossings last year for about $18 (30% off sale):

Again, I am very impressed. They ship TP potted. Both TP I got from them look better than bareroot TP planted 2 years earlier.

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question for "anza2821 ", may i know which Costco you went to? i m going to put up one if close. i live in north CA. thanks

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