Invasive Passiflora in Connecticut?

mccommas(z5CT)August 10, 2013

My boyfriend is from Puerto Rico and he had this fruit baring plant on his property as a child. We bought such a vine from a local greenhouse and planted it as an annual.

That was about 7 years ago. It comes back every year in Connecticut. It is really close to the foundation of the house, it has never had a bad year. Its roots spread out from the garden into the lawn and it shoots up sprouts only to be mowed down.

I am very careful about cutting this monster and throwing into the compost heap. I make sure its totally dried out and totally dead before I do.

This is supposed to be a tropical plant so why doesn't it die in the winter? It flowers seldom and we only get a few fruits every year but it produces masses of vines that would swallow the house if we let it go. It is not in full sun all day long. The house shadows it some of the day.

Anyone have similar results in non-tropical places?

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:D Passiflora on hormones, yup. Thanks God we have winter to keep it under control. Let the vine reach a sunny spot for flowers, the scent is ethereal.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

What color is the fruit, green or yellowish/orangish and oblong with red pulp? If it's either of those, then it's the native p. incarnata(green) or caerulea(yellowish/red pulp). Those two are native to the colder eastern US state and grow just about wild almost everywhere. Not very good eating(more for it's flowers), but some people actually like them(not that I ever had any before). Either of those two are quite cold hardy(one is down to z6 and the other a little less hardy z8), and sucker like crazy, so best to pull out any suckers, if you don't want your yard to be over run.

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