How long do I need to wait for it to bloom?

ange2006August 17, 2013

Someone gave me a small passionflower vine three years ago (from seed). The first year it was in a greenhouse. The second year it was planted in ground but the leaves kept being eaten by caterpillars. This year, it has lot of leave (no caterpillars), but still no flowers. How long does it normally take for this to bloom if it's grown from a seed? The location is mostly shade with maybe 2 hours of sun a day.

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might be more location than maturity?

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Someone writes that his passion vines are planted in different locations, from full sun to mostly shade, and they're all doing well. What location do you have yours in?

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ive kept indoors for two years, no flowers. this year i put outside eventually in full sun and now have buds. i would also report that the vines have done very well indoors, but they never flowered.

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Most passiflora require quite a bit of sun, so as suggested you may have to move it or open up the shade for it.

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It's been in its current location for two years. I'll have to find another more sunny location and transplant it in the winter.

So, do they normally bloom in one or two years from seed?

Thank you.

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