Update on yesterdays(possible 5F event?)snow and cold.

jimhardyMarch 6, 2012

Probably cloer to the 12F(Cactus bed) or 15F air temp on the north side of the house judging by the real lack of damage to leaves..

About 4pm the day before


And around 1:30 pm


Already looking better than it did here!

Look how beautiful the color can back!

Fortunei covered by snow,the way the good lord intended(wink)


Princeps I planted about 2 weeks ago,this was covered and kept above 40F

One off the D.Antarctica-this will probably stay uncovered from here on out.

The other T.ferns are leafless but alive-not bad

considering last falls blown forecast of 25F

turned out to be 19F,this defoliated all but the

D.A.(unfazed btw),about 50% defo on the Squarossa.

C.Medularis was killed along with another potted one,thankfully the C.Brownii survived.....

this is one of the most fun T.ferns to watch grow.



Next year I will try and keep more of the fronds as they seem to overwinter well in the protction.

Little Takil...what snow??

Sequoia is in near perfect shape with no branch or tip dieback(happy)

And the Graptopetalum......

.................WHAT SNOW????

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That snow is melting fast (what snow!). Looks like you were milder than 5F which is great news for your palms! And now there should be some really nice weather heading all of our ways! Should get to 70F here on Thursday or at least close to it! Im taking out a lot of plants tomorrow to get a good soaking and to air out a little bit. Only a month away from bringing the more tender plants outside and the more cold tolerant plants (like the livistonas and oleanders) will be going outside starting tomorrow (and then they might go inside for that night we get to 28F on Friday but go back outside after that since no freezing weather is in the forecast after that!).

Thanks for sharing!

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That snow went quick! Shouldn't cause a problem for anything. Won't be long and you'll have the bananas out!

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Yea,I am already getting the soil ready for those.....

I did plant a Brug yesterday,I don't have a pot for it.

Should be o.k. as it is not leaved out and is just a giant
branch with sticks on it,almost 6' tall.

I figure if it doen't stay in the mid 60s the next few weeks
like they are saying,I can always pull it up and throw it in the basement again.
if it grows,it stays(-:

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The little Cerifera(pictured) and my smaller Waggie pulled yesterday from this,
I think the combo of low temps/snow and 40 hrs below freezing were to much....

They should recover quick this time of year,these were very tough
for such small palms,they kept up with the "big" boys for a while.

Heres the Princeps I overwintered....it pulled from a rain
and 14F event(they forecasted 22F)but has come through the winter in fine shape-
the discoloration on the leaves is from last summers 100-105F + temps 0:

Waggie & Cerifera that pulled yesterday-

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