bud rot sabal palm

dornbergMarch 25, 2010

It appears the top of the bud is rotting and frond bases are falling off. Yet, the spear and all other fronds look great. We had 2 frosts in January and February and I wonder if this bud rot is cold damage. The frost hit intermittantly amoung othe plants like Hybiscus and Sea Grapes. I would be inclined to just wait and see what happens.

Any help?

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Sabals are native to florida and grow naturally as far north as the outer banks of north carolina (and becoming naturalized in southeastern virginia) so I dont think the cold did it unless you live in one of the coldest parts of florida. These palms can handle 20 degrees with no damage at all, and are able to handle periods of 13 degrees with little damage and even 10F or slightly lower when established adults, but with damage. Can you post a pic? That would help a lot!

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I agree with T7

Kind of unusual to see cold damage on a Sabal in Fla

Could be something else going on,cold exploited it.

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Post a pic if possible. It's not related to the cold weather. We bottomed out at 16.7* this winter and I had zero damage on my Sabals... I did however lose a few Serenoa Repens due to the cold, wet winter. Here's a pic of my Sabal Palmetto covered in ice...

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Nice pic! I think thats called hoar frost, which occurs when warmer air is lost during clear, cold nights. Makes for great pictures. It looks a lot like snow.

Good luck!

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It's likely a fungal disease such as this

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Treat asap dornberg and you might be able to save it. It's rare that it happens to Sabals but I pass by one every day to work that looks so bad the trunk is caving in and falling over. I had a late wet winter in Jax and it caused me a lot of problems (rot & spear pull) even with my more cold tolerant palms. But I also had a lot more freezes than you. Also it's been raining here a lot since late winter and I think that with the cold has been my problem. Especially since we warmed up so fast since then.

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