p. edulis fertilizing

plummy(9b nor-cal)August 23, 2005


Lately my edulis has had quite a lot of yellow leaves and stems. I was wondering what to do? It has lots of unripe-ripening fruit and lots have already fallen off but now with yellowing leaves should I pick some fruit?

thanks for any help

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Don't pick it till it falls off. (I know I know I never listen either..)

As for the plant... Something's wrong. Spider mites? Other bugs? Too hot? Too dry? It's unhapy- but doesn't really sound like a fertilizer problem..

Then again I'm not the expert.. But I'd suspect bugs myself.

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plummy(9b nor-cal)

YES! I agree with you i found these weird white bugs with fluf around them i think they we mites.

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mehetabelle(z8/9 CA)

So Plummy, did you get rid of the mites? Is the plant OK now? I have an edulis as well whose leaves (all of them) are misshapen, curled, crinkled. No bugs, though.

What should I do to fix that?

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JeanS(UK NW Scotland)

Bugs with white fluff around them sound like meally bug. They usually infest the roots as well.

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