Do tree peonies grow better in pots or in the soil?

stevelau1911May 18, 2012



I have 1st year tree peony seedlings growing in both pots and directly in the garden beds, and I'm wondering; what would they grow better in? The potting soil in the pot is much looser, but maybe a bit acidic while the flower bed soil has more clay, sand and perhaps more micro-nutrients. Does it even matter?

I'm even growing a bigger tree peony in a 5 gallon pot just to see its performance as I already know itoh peonies seem to thrive in pots. The pots are all on the driveway so they get nice and warm during hours of full sun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Latest peony blog

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1st and maybe 2nd is better in pots but subsequent years is better in ground regardless of the size of pot I've tried.

10 year old P. suffruticosa at 4' tall, 5' wide.

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Peonies make storage organs on their roots that need room and plenty of soil to be happy. On the few occasions I have purchased blooming peonies in nursery containers up to 5 gallons, they have been so pot bound they take a couple of years to recover. Al

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