wanted: wanted: have plenty; want espelette

marcus__r(6)November 11, 2011


Does anyone have Espelette Pepper seeds for trade? I have tons of varieties, including many wild species and unusual domesticated varieties for trade.

Just let me know what you're after, I'm sure we'll find a deal that suits both sides.



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I have a few seeds for Espellette.
If you are still looking let me know and I'll see what I have left.
They are from Peppermania and Rainbow chile seeds if I remember right.
Would prefere to trade seeds I baught for isolated seeds.

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Hey am looking for bhut jolokias seeds I would really like to have some of these I got alot of different species like black cobra,california wonder,chilli california,puya ,costeno,japanese, guajillo,pasilla,poblano,de arbol(from the tree),jalapeno,perita yellow,orang,red,also got epazote seeds,ive also got yellow guava seeds,and last tamarindo.if your interested or anyone else send me a message.

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Only interested in a non bell pepper trade,thats all I grow,nothing else.
What is Perita?
I'd rather set up a trade via E mail...

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Did you get your Espelette seeds? I am looking for some wild type varieties but don't see them on your list . Have a look at my trade list and let me know if you know where I can get any of these. I would appreciate it . Maybe we could work a trade

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