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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)August 29, 2012

I ordered this and just got around to planting it due to moving house. I ordered two but can't remember what this one is. It's very robust with big leaves and took off right away. Planted it in a trash shrub and letting it do its thing. Strange thing is that it doesn't have lobed leaves but it does seem like a passiflora- tendrils look right to me. I don't know if it is even hardy. Anyone recognize it? Maybe it will bloom before winter and maybe it will SURVIVE winter. It has grown 2ft in a week.

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There are plenty of passifloras that don't have lobed foliage such as P. alata, triloba and many others. It's in all likelyhood not a cold hardy variety. You might want to post this pic on the Facebook passiflora group (Passiflora - Passion Flowers Online - you have to join). It's busy and has several knowledgeable members.

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

My guess would be P. alata or P. quadrangularis, based on the leaf shape and the shape of the stem, which looks like it has the right square cross-section. I'm also guessing probably *not* winter-hardy for northern Louisiana, although I've read of some folks who have had P. alata overwinter in similar climate if it was well-mulched and exposure wasn't harsh.

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog - adventures in silkworms, chickens, gardening, passionflowers, etc.

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I didn't notice the squared stem at the right but it might very well be a P. quadrangularis. If so, it's not going to survive a zone 8 winter, but is a very beautiful passie and worth lifting and taking inside for the winter.

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I would suggest that this is definitely of the Laurifolia - Quadrangulares section, as others have stated, and it would not even be hardy in my zone. However, if you can bring it indoors in the winter....

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