HAVE: Heirloom Tomato for pepper seed trade (have tomato/want pe

nc_crnDecember 15, 2010

Hi. I have a future brother-in-law and father-in-law who love hot peppers and would like a variety of them. Unfortunately for them I gave away a lot of my existing hot pepper seeds to others who asked for them over the past couple seasons.

I have a few types of hot pepper seed, but both guys have enough land for a good number of plants and I want to hook them up if I can.

Anyway, if there's anyone out there willing to part with an assorted slew of 3-5+ seeds of some non-bhut-level hot pepper in a quantity of 3+ types then I can swap the same for some of my heirloom tomato seeds.

Email: pepperdude@live.com if you're interested.

If you only have 3 to offer, but want more than 3 types from me that's fine as long as I have it to offer. Some seeds I have in smaller supply than others. Almost all of these I have in a supply of 20 or less seeds because they were either gifted to me last season or I don't grow them in heavy seasonal rotation and I tend to give a lot of seeds away.

Available (all are indeterminate):

Australian Oxheart

Black Krim

Giant Roma

Giant Italian Paste

Linnies Oxheart

Ramapo F6


Sicilian Saucer

*note: Giant Roma and Giant Italian Paste are both decent tomatoes in their own right (and best suited for cooler climates as their mid-summer output is low in warmer areas), but while they might have been "giant" for their time they are definitely not giant.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

You have no e-mail address.

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pepperdude@live.com should work.

I put the email address in my message. It's not in my profile if that's where you looked...sorry for the confusion if so.

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I've made the connections I need to make on this offer. Thanks to those who replied.

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