Frederick - a rebloomer?

labrahamian(z9/ sz21 CA)September 17, 2009

Hello all,

We planted a 2 gallon P. Frederick early spring and it took off and flowered well (though no fruit development). However, even though the vine continues to grow well and looks healthy; it has completely stopped flowering. Is this normal for this cultivar? We used to have a P. Carrerula (sp?) that grew and flowered from April through November.

Thanks for any replies,


Montrose, CA Z9b/SZ 21

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I believe you get two crops from Frederick, although I could be wrong. Here's what I *think* I remember--the second round of blooms is in October or so and the fruit matures in the winter. If I recall correctly the second crop is often not as sweet. I bought a rooted cutting of Frederick last year and it did get a flower in October (it was still a very small plant). Mine was set back significantly over the winter (frost, snails) and hasn't bloomed yet this year; I'll check it for buds.

On the other hand my P. edulis 'Nancy Garrison' does seem to have two seasons. It bloomed in early summer and the fruit is maturing now. It's starting a second round of blooming. This is P. edulis f. edulis (purple passsionflower). P. edulis Frederick is some mix of purple and yellow passionflower (P. edulis flavicarpa).

Perhaps someone who has regularly bloomed and fruited a mature 'Frederick' can confirm whether or not this is true. I do think you might get two seasons. Have you checked for buds?

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