Is incarnata and edulis the same?

taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)September 23, 2009

I received some seed from a source on ebay that said passiflora incarnata p edulis. Only one seed germinated after scarification and I would like to know what plant I have. Also incarnata is said to be hardy for my zone. Anyone in my zone grow this plant? Since it is rather small and got a late start I will keep it inside for the winter if nessecary. TIA for any info.

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Two different varieties. P. incarnata will probably be hardy in your zone. Edulis won't. Maybe it's a cross between the two? I have no idea if they can be used to cross pollinate each other or not but someone here will know.

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jkrup44(9B FL)

Not the same.

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edulis is Greek for "edible" thats the only description it holds

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Here's a couple links:

P. edulis There's several varieties of edulis but I think all require similar growing conditions.

P. incarnata "Maypop"

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That seller on ebay clearly does not have a clue. I recall that the photo shown was incarnata, but no telling what you really got. P. incarnata will likely have dull leaves and edulis will have glossy leaves. Both have three lobed leaves, although the first few leaves may not have lobes.

Even if your seedling is incarnata, it will need to be kept indoors until spring. They need to get established over spring and summer before the roots can survive a winter. You should plant the other seeds outside. If they come up next spring, then you definitely have incarnata.

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Is the ad still up somewhere? If not here's more of the description from Ebay. Back in March someone had asked whether her P. edulis could come back from the roots--in a place with real winters. I had just seen the Ebay ad, so I posted the following on that thread, with the comment that maybe her plant was mislabeled--a lot of stuff that is claimed to be P. edulis isn't.


The description begins:


P. EDULIS var.



This passion flower vine is much sought after for its attractive fragrant large exotic 3-4 inch blooms. In sunny locations Passiflora Incarnata produces greenish yellow fruit which is edible to eat or sometimes juice is made from the fruit."

From the description I would guess it's P. incarnata and they tagged on the "edulis" so they could sell more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on Cold Survival from March

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Thanks everyone.
mark4321 That's the ad I bought from but after scarifying all the seed there were only 4 seeds that didn't loose everything in them when I squeezed it as i filed and the white stuff squirted out so they got thrown out. I might have 3 viable seeds left to winter plant. Any ideas as to how larg it will grow over winter inside under ten T12 light fixtures? LOL I lost a Morninglory twinning into a power socket this spring. I'll try to post a picture of my plant in the next couple of days and maybe someone can ID it. Thanks again all. Happy growing!

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Taz I've never scarified a passiflora seed and don't think that it's necessary or even recommended but I'm not absolutely sure about that. Hopefully one of the experts can answer.

I keep some of my tender passies inside under 1000 watt MH and HPS bulbs over the winter and they do well. They can grow somewhat out of control and I keep them cut back. I just want them to survive the winter until they can go back out the following spring. Some will bloom while inside but the colors aren't nearly as vibrant as when they are outside. It's also a constant battle with one infestation or another, especially mealy bugs.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

karyn the seeds had been planted for 4 months when I dug the ones I could find. After scarifying I did the old paper towel in glass method of soil less germination and 2 of them sprouted and molded right away. I sprayed them both off with water and put them back in media. Only the one lived and I think neither would have sprouted had I not scarified them but I could be wrong. Could it be that these seeds were old and past their prime as far as viability? I got other seeds from this source that had very poor germination rates and later died as seedlings. Everything else I planted grew like wildfire so I know it's not my setup.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Here's a couple of pictures. From your description I think it's incarnata.

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jkrup44(9B FL)

taz, I'll let the experts chime in on this. But I will say that my P. edulis plants have leaves that are much more glossy, with curves that are not as smooth as in the picture.

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My edulis grown from seed have unlobed leaves until they reach about a foot in length. Like Josh, all my edulis leaves are glossy too. Yours looks very much like my incarnata.

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Definitely looks like incarnata. I find that most incarnata seeds germinate best when given a moist cold stratification of 1 to 3 months. Without the cold treatment, they often will need very high heat (90-100 F) for good germination. I have never tried scarifying them.

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