Little white bugs on dead Bernhardt roots

ninajc(6a)May 9, 2006

Well, of my three Bernhardt roots planted last October, only two sprouted small leaves and then promptly died. Yesterday, I bought two Karl Rosenfelds already 18" tall and with very nice looking buds on them at our local garden center sale yesterday, and couldn't wait to plant them. When I began to dig a hole, I found the original Bernhardt roots and they were black, crumbly, and had little white bugs on them. Now, I am terrified to put my new peonies in the same place in the flower bed for fear that these bugs will infest the new ones. What do you all think? Are well established plants not as susceptible to these types of pests? Can I put Safer's insecticidal soap in the holes, would that hurt the roots of the new peonies when I plant them?

I am so frustrated! But, I did get a full refund from the catalogue which financed one of the new Rosenfelds.


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testing since I don't see any follow-ups on recent postings.


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Do yourself a favor and just plant the new ones in a different spot. No sense taking a chance on putting a healthy plant back in a spot where one just like it died.

IA z5a

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