First Passis

ShinySilverSeptember 12, 2011

I've loved passion flowers for a very long time and finally decided to grow some of my own. In spite of a lot of what I read suggesting that growing from seeds was difficult, I decided to try it; a fairly cheap new project, why not? Today, I came home from work to find my first two sprouts; one p. edulis and one p. actinia (both less then a month after planting). Just thought I'd share my happy story and a pic of my baby p. edulis sprout!

Just p. alata, p. caerulea, and p. incarnata to go!

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Congrats. They aren't difficult to grow from seed but can take a while to reach blooming size. Germination rates can also be erratic. BTW the design on that pot is very pretty. Did you do it yourself?

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Thanks! Yes, I had a little too much fun with my pots :D

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