Broken limp on Tree Peony

Rikk30(z5A NY)May 8, 2005

I just bought a new tree peony. The plant was fine at the store but a branch either broke while in my car (more than likely) or the wind broke the limb.

I noticed it while mowing the lawn. I immediately put the 18" limb (the only one with a bud on it) in some water in the hope that it would form roots and could possibly plant it in the fall.

Will a tree peony form roots like this? If so is there anything else I can do to help the limb survive? The break was about 1 inch above the root ball.

The rest of the plant still looks great, just lost about 40 % of its width.

I am new to peonies. I still am waiting for the fist bloom on the ones I do have in the ground.



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Sorry about your loss. I would not expect the broken branch to root. I would make a clean cut where the branch broke off. The plant will do just fine without the broken branch. Al

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

It won't root in water. Place it in a free-draining soil like a cactus mix and keep it damp but not wet. Remove most of the leaves because they will die anyway. It might root but don't get your hopes up. If it roots, it will take several years to properly establish but you will then have two identical tree peonies.

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Don't worry about a broken branch. A major one broke out of mine due to heavy winter snows, (and I suspect my husband threw more compacted snow on top of it while shoveling the walk). I was devastated but, lo and behold, it prompted the plant to send up 3 new healthy stems from the very bottom. Tree peonies are much tougher than I was led to initially believe.


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Rikk30(z5A NY)

Thanks for the advice all! I was really disappointed with what happened but things do go wrong sometimes. I am sure the original plant will grow back to its former size next spring.

A deer ate some of a pink one the other day but has not bothered it since. So far they do avoid peonies. They did not touch them last year but the pink peony was new this year. But the day lilies, they are lucky to get a bulb. The wonders of sharing my land with the animals!

Thanks again!

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