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teganMay 16, 2006


I have grown herbaceous peonies for years but have just purchased my first tree peony-- Koukamon. I feel a little silly asking this question but, after hours of searching on the internet, I cannot seem to find the answer I am looking for...Do tree peonies grow on a single upright stem-- in other words, are they "tree-like" in appearance ( having a trunk with branching foliage) simmiliar to tree (standard )roses ? Or are they multi-stemmed looking more like herbaceous peonies? I am trying to plan out the surrounding plantings for my new front garden. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Depending on how you plant them you can have either. The stem will have several dormant branches that can put up new growth if the plant wants to. If you plant the tp at an angle in the ground you can have a wider plant with a more shrub like appearance and also more blooms. If you plant upright and keep all new growth from the ground surface pruned you can have a single trunked small tree. Either way you go plant your tp deeper than it was in the pot for better and stronger growth. Similar to a tomato plant roots along with stems should come out of the buried stem making a more robust plant. Put a little mulch around your baby after planting to keep the ground cool this summer and do not forget to protect it from rabbits and deer this winter.

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Thank you so much...great advice.

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