Severe Weather Today (Monday, June 20)

miraje(7a)June 20, 2011

Hey everyone. I haven't seen a post from Dawn yet, so I thought I might give everyone a heads up about the chance for severe weather this afternoon and evening. It sounds like there could be a pretty good chance for damaging wind and large hail across about the central third of Oklahoma. I've linked to the Norman forecast office's enhanced forecast page below if you'd like to see what they're saying.

Keep an eye on the weather this afternoon, and cover up or bring inside whatever plants you can if you see storms headed your way. If you do try to cover up your plants to protect them from hail, be sure to tie down or secure whatever you use to keep it from blowing off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Norman NWS office page

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Thanks for posting this! I just came here to do it, and saw you already had.

I think ANYONE who sees something potentially ugly popping up weatherwise should feel free to post if as soon as they become aware of it, and it isn't going to hurt my feelings any if someone else posts it before I am able. : ) I just want to be sure everyone always knows when potential danger is lurking!!!! I was busy in the kitchen all day baking cookies and making cake balls for a firefighter event tonight, and I had no idea such ugly weather is brewing until just now.

Wind-driven hail up to the size of baseballs? Really??? How scarey is that?

Now, the problem is by writing this, I'll be bumping down your thread with the weather page linked, so I'm going to go post a message with the scarey words Wind-Driven Baseball Sized Hail in the Subject line and refer everyone to this thread.

I will be outside from 6 to 9 p.m. at the fire station and won't be watching the weather or posting about it, so please, y'all, look out for each other, watch the weather, watch your local news, watch the skies and warn each other if trouble is brewing anyone in our region, not just for us Okies, but for our friends in Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri who sometimes visit us here and participate in our discussons.

Also, there is a 'Particularly Dangerous Situation" tornado situation in the middle of the country today, and a large, pontially dangerous tornado with hail may be on the ground in Kansas (not near Jay!) right now, so watch The Weather Channel if you have loved ones there or east of there. Dr. Forbes of TWC gave that area an 8/10 on his TorCon Scale.

So, heads up everyone! This could be a bad day someplace fairly close to us.

And, in case y'all don't think hail can hurt someone, I want to remind everyone that a young man who was a pizza delivery driver in the Fort Worth suburb of Lake Worth was struck in the head by baseball-sized hail and killed a few years back. He was safely indoors and had run outside to attempt to move his car when the hail started falling. Instead, he lost his life. So, take baseball-sized hail seriously, and especially if it is wind-driven hail becaue the wind will drive it at a very intense velocity, making it more dangerous.

Now, I'm off to post the scarey-titled thread to get everyone to come read this thread.


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I will be around my computer this evening as long as I keep electricity (we seem to lose it a lot for even run of the mill thunderstorms for some reason). I will try to post updates on warnings as I see them.

If any of you are like us and only have your weather radios programmed to go off for tornado warnings, try to keep a closer eye on the skies and follow your local tv station today. I know sometimes we don't take severe thunderstorm warnings as seriously as we should, but today is one of those days where even those could be particularly dangerous.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Miraje, I convinced our fire chief (my DH, lol) that I should stay home and track the weather while he and the rest of the department are at the fire station for Driver Training/Certification. Since they'll be outside with all the equipment, I'll be here watching the weather and I can text them warnings if dangerous weather is developing near us. My main contribution to the activity tonight was to provide snacks, anyway, and Tim can take those to the station when he goes. : )

So, I'll be here tracking developments on our local radar and watching the Norman webpage for watches and warnings too. My weather radio is on the table here beside me, and I have my fire radio to listen to local spotter reports, if any, being made on our county's emergency channel. I think I'm ready.

Our power doesn't go out too often, but our internet seems to. The Internet Service Provider sent two technicians out and they replaced some cables, so tonight's storms, if they develop here, will be the first test to see if the internet service will stay 'up' during bad weather.

I've also got TWC on the TV and its looking pretty rough there in Nebraska.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

The storms in my part of the state are developing in Texas and moving up here. Here's the radar to track what's popping up down here.

You may have to hit your refresh button to get the latest Doppler Radar image from the TV channel.

Here is a link that might be useful: WFAA-TV Radar

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