digging passion flower vine for transplants

mcronin(6/7swVA)September 10, 2008

I have both P. incarnata and P. caerulea in my garden in zone 6/7 in SW VA. They, with 3-4 inches of mulch, have survived our winters for the past 4 years I would like to dig up some and give them to a friend. Any advice on how to dig up vines and when would be the best time would be appreciated. Also, if they can be dug, should I advise my friend to overwinter them and wait to plant them in the spring?

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Digging up suckers with a peice of root is an easy way to propagate them. I would not recommend transplanting them now, as I have not had good success doing it in late summer/fall. If you dig up suckers next year when they start popping up, the transplants should take off quickly and get well established before the following winter.

You may be able to collect some root cuttings after the tops die back this fall, and hold them in a refrigerator in some lightly dampened sawdust or peat, then plant out next spring.

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