Edulis in The UK

ninecrow(England)September 1, 2005

My Edulis Flavicarpa has opened it's 1st Flower about 20 mins ago!!! I'm going to try and pollinate it with Caerulea pollen...

*Side Note*

This is growing inside around my window

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Excellent! I have a frederic I polinated with caerulea several months ago- 1 fruit resulted. Every other polinator I've tried has flopped. (amethyst, belotti, white caerulea, lady margaret & quadrangularis)

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Krstofer Just to let you know that NON of the Flowers I pollinated Took, Do you think it was because it was far to late in the Season? My Other Edulis has come back from being outside at Mums all Summer, that one is the purple Fruited form, maybe I'll get something from this one, what do you think?

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JeanS(UK NW Scotland)

My Edulis is now very tall, very happy, living in the conservatory but not a bud in sight!

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well..... The Edulis that came back from Mum's has Buds on it (Just looked at it) this has happen since it's been back here with me...
And Not Forgetting my Flavicarpa, that's thinking about Budding up again...

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