I dug up the Elephant Garlic.

wbonesteel(7)June 22, 2013

A pic of elephant garlic. The small bulbs in the pic are about the size of a softball. We kept four and took the others down to a local produce stand. What they don't sell, they'll give away to someone who needs a bit of change in their diet. Even if they feed them to the pigs, it's not going to waste.

So, the door is open, now, to make a couple of bucks from the extras in the garden. The owner asked about other things we're growing. I let them know about the regular sized garlic, the sweet taters and the fall tomatoes. Then, I invited them to stop by and see the garden.

We'll see how things go from here.

(Edit: The pic disappeared, so I reposted it.)

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I dug 60-70% of my garlic today. Overall considering the growing conditions the garlic had including being covered with tumble weeds a few times I'm happy. The elephant garlic wasn't as big as I'd hoped for but some of the other varieties surprised me. Santa Fe Rocamble really surprised me. The cloves I planted were small. The bulbs were nice sized. I will know more after it all dries. I dug several bulbs of the standard garlic in the 2 1/2" range with a few over 3" . Jay

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That's pretty good sized for a standard, Jay!

Our elephant garlic was in two of our beds with the most amendments in them. They have everything but perlite and green sand, lol. So, I 'cheated' a bit with the elephant garlic.

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