first peony came back!

myst33(z7 AR)May 3, 2005

I had always loved peonies, but had been afraid to try one because i have so much shade. Last year I bought one at a local nursery and put it in the one spot on my yard that got some decent sun, and it just sat there. And sat there.

And sat there. Didn't die, but didnt grow. I posted and was told it was developing its roots. okkkkkk. Then disaster, it got mowed down by the kid I hired to mow lawn. I thought it was a goner. This year it has come back beautifully, its lush, its gorgeous, and its got two HUGE blooms coming up. It's the festiva maximus variety and I am thrilled to have it in my yard :)

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Nancy zone 6

Peonies can be very tenacious. I had one I planted, didn't do much & I forgot about it. We decided to put in an iris bed & enlarge the area one fall. It had died down & I forgot about it being there. We tilled the area, put down newpapers & mulch & iris. Next spring, right in the midst of the iris was that peonie. I tried to dig it out to move it, but didn't get enough root so it died. Next spring, in the iris bed, here is that peonie again. I dug it out again, didn't think it made the move again, but it did. It is a nice size plant now, your festiva as a matter of fact.

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My question is much after the fact but myst33 how long are we talking on your peony? For having just sat there I mean. I planted a small peony last year and at that time it had one bloom on it that opened beautifully. It came back very nicely this year in that the foliage looks great and it formed a tiny bud that did not open. Will I ever have flowers or is this plant a dud or something?



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plantlady1758(S.E. MI z5)

This is to Katefisher,,If you planted your peony last year with one flower, it wouldn't have flowered this year..just have foliage as you said. Next year you should see plenty of blooms. Just fertilize it early next year and make sure it gets enough sun. If after next year the plant seems healthy but has no blooms, it either is not getting enough sun or is planted too deep.

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