p. Alata 'Ruby Glow'

bigbubbacain(z9a TX)September 11, 2005

I was lucky enough yesterday to find a p. Alata 'Ruby Glow' at a nursery in my little podunk town. I was even more surprised to see it blooming, though this was probably the result of having the right fertilizer from the grower. I want successful blooming with this variety, and I want to increase my chances for fruiting. Will this one need to cross pollinate with another p. Alata 'Ruby Glow', or will this plant self-pollinate? There were only 2 plants left, so I need to know. As for fertilizing, what is a good N-P-K ratio? I realize this probably isn't the season to encourage blooming, but I want to be prepared for the right time.

thanks for your help.

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There is only one clone of P. alata 'Ruby Glow', also known as P. phoenicea 'Ruby Glow', and it is not self-fertile. You will need something different for cross-pollination. A different P. alata would work, and I believe P. caerulea will also work. P. incarnata may work as well. Not sure about the fertilizing.


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