mika3September 8, 2008

Hi,New to gardonweb.Was wondering if foetida was a toxic species of passionflower,if it could also be used as a natural remedy for axiety like the maypop.Can you use the leaves too,for like a tea or an infusion.I'm almost 100% sure that the friut are edible but i'm a bit more interested in the medicinal uses of this species.

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Hi Mika
There are many different foetidas. Generally the fruit are edible and indeed very tasty but I would strongly advise that you do not try to do anything with the leaves. Many Passiflora are cyanogenic so stick with commercially available P. incarnata.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora toxicology

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Thank you for the link.It was helpful.I ordered my foetidas from Georgiavines online and the info said that it was found in the galopagas(can't spell).I would love to start a collection of different species of passiflora.I guess my next one will be incarnata.thank you.

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