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jcara7March 21, 2013

Hi everyone. New to the site. My father got me growing plants and I started with one palm last summer. I now have a grow light and 10-12 palms in my room for winter. Lol. It's a great hobby to have. I was just curious as to where I can purchase palms online for delivery. I have been to the local Home Depot/ lowes etc in season and they mostly seem to have majesty palms, spindles, and Pygmy dates. I have a few of each of those since I successfully separated them when I bought them but I was wondering where I could get a Mexican fan or sabal palmetto since I can't seem to find any around here in stores. Thanks! - Joe

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My mexican fan palm came from a Home Depot in SC while on vac. I have ordered from ebay, Plants Delight nursery, yuccado and Chillypalm tree. You can get larger palms from Chilly palm tree for a price. The others are usually small seedlings.

You have a few neighbors up there from this site. Hopefully they will know some local sources.

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Thanks a lot for the response! Ill check out those suppliers. My brother goes to school down in savannah ga. Maybe ill check out the local Home Depots down there next time I visit.

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Aproximately where in NJ are you? My local HD and L's has been carrying the cold hardies lately (Sabal minors, Needles, Trachys, occasional Med. fan). Last year they were selling date palms (Canary and Silver), but these are not winter hardy here. Still, I grow a lot of LARGE Canaries in pots just because I love them so much, but these I grew from seed. So too, I get a lot of my palms on eBay. Usually do not have a problem w. the orders. Most palms will ship well even bare rooted but Trachys should be shipped in a container preferably in my opinion (as I lost a large one due to shock). You don't have to start out with a massive palm though. Washys and Butias (Pindos), grow fast in NJ summers!

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I am central jersey. In the somerset/ New Brunswick area. I checked out the chilly palm trees site and I think I might try a pindo. Do you know if that's a reliable site? Also I love the canaries too! Great looking trees

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Check out the thread ' new windmills' on this forum. I have ordered from them too. Since there palms are grown here they have acclimated to our climate. Unlike those in big box stores that come from florida or greenhouses. Plant Delights is in NC also and grows there plants in a large display garden too. I usually only order hard to find items from PDN.

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Called Sean from chilly palms. Really nice guy. I wouldnt be spending enough to have him personally deliver here but my buddy lives 15 minutes from his place so I might swing by on the way back from vacation. Also gonna check out the 'new windmills' post. Thanks for all the follow up!

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I can give you a Sabal minor and Trachycarpus.

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