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iowabannutSeptember 24, 2008

how do I grow passiflora from cuttings? I have three of them and would like to try. Where do I cut and what do I do after?

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I usually root passie cuttings in water with bottom heat. I have pretty good results. I try to cut firm stems, not brand new soft growth. I strip the lower leaves and any buds then stick the cutting in water so that at least 2 leaf nodes are submerged. I either change the water often or use an air stone to keep it from becoming funky. A better way is to use a cloning chamber. If you do a search on this forum you should find instructions on how to make one. You can also buy cloning chambers. I've been looking at the EZ Clone.

Here is a link that might be useful: EZ Clone

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If you have 3 cuttings and have never done this before, you might as well try 3 different techniques. Personally, I would keep things simple and very low-budget for now. Myles Irvine's site has a nice section on preparing and rooting cuttings. For example, you could try one in water, one in perlite, and I know a lot of people swear by florist's foam. If you have a source of bottom heat, then use it, but depending on what the cuttings are you may or may not want to invest in it for these cuttings.

Here are two pages from Myles' site:

Finally, if you are rooting them in anything resembling a pot, you might as well use a clear plastic one. Once the plants have grown big enough roots you will be able to see them through the plastic. You can just take a clear (flexible plastic) drinking cup and punch some holes in the bottom. My technique: I then put the pot + cutting into another cup (no holes). This cup has a layer of packing peanuts or their fragments--whichever is appropriate--at the bottom. On top, an inverted cup can be taped on, so as to minimize evaporation and drive the humidity towards 100%. So 3 idenical clear plastic cups yield a pot, a drainage cup and a humidity dome. You would be surprised how tightly these pack, which is important if space is premium on a windowsill.

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I've also heard of using florist's foam. Just make sure if you go that route that you buy Oaisis and not Sahara. Oaisis is for fresh flower arrangements, Sahara for dry.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)


I just do it the unscientific way with my P. edulis vine. I guess because it works for me. I take a 2-3 ft long cutting. I remove the bottom leaves and then stick it in a bottle of water and leave it in the water for about 24 hours. After that I stick the cutting in the ground and water. Some of the bottom leaves will fall of. But new leaves will grow out pretty soon.


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This is in Florida, if I remember correctly? How long does it take one of those rooted cuttings to really take off there?

I seem to remember that I heard earlier that you had just gotten your first P. edulis seedling to bloom and at least one fruit had formed. How has that progressed--the fruit(s)? Are they still blooming this time of the year?

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)


Yes, I live in Florida. I noticed that after about 1-2 weeks new small leaves were budding at the top of the cutting.

Right now the vine is growing at a tremendous pace. So far I only have one passion fruit though, which is getting darker and darker week by week.

I did a little experiment on the pollination. I have had about 50-80 flowers on each side of the fence that it's climbing on. I hand-pollinated the flowers on one side only of the fence. I don't know yet if it makes a difference. The vine is almost continuously flowering. At least not more than 2 weeks without any flowers. I don't know if this is normal, just happy about it.

Anyone is welcome to come by and cut off branches.

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I root passies in florists' (wet, i.e.'Oasis') foam. Soak the foam 10-15 minutes, then cut into cubes about an inch on a side. Cut your passies into two-node cuttings, and BE VERY CERTAIN you know which way is 'up'. Remove the lower, or root-ward, leaves, and cut the stem about a quarter-inch below the node. Dip in rooting powder, then poke into the foam until the bottom node is JUST BARELY below the surface. Place cuttings in a shallow tray and keep moist. Using a translucent storage box as a greenhouse cover is helpful, BUT check daily for mold or fungus.

When roots appear throught at least two sides of the foam, pot them up. As the roots grow, they'll break down the foam.

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Like Karyn said, people have different methods. I use see-through plastic drinking glasses (the discardable type) and perlite,unmilled sphagnum moss. After poking holes in the bottom of the glasses with scissors, half fill with perlite. Then place each in shallow tray and fill with water that is premixed/1 gallon of water and 4 or 5 drops of superthrive. Dip the cuttings that are prepared as 'msbatt' above described. Dip tips in root hormone and wrap tip in presoaked sphagnum moss. Place in cups, fill remainder with perlite, and pour the water mixture over the planted cuttings until you see the tray begin to fill. I keep the trays filled with water and place in a cooler, mostly shaded area of garden. Because I live in Florida and have hot summers, I usually don't start making cuttings of any kind until late October/November. I have better luck with mine in the cooler temps. ;)

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