ok.. have it it, give me some advice !

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)May 9, 2011

Will be placing a peony order soon.

Give me all the advice you can.

Im not particulary a peony person (or havent been, antique roses kinda my thing) and only have a couple in my garden.. Rasberry Sundae and a Felix Crouse I think if my memory serves me. So those are off the list. But the bloom about a week or two before most of my antiques and would love something to cut during that time.

Should I order from Sonsparrow or from Adelmans? Which will send bigger clump of eyes?

Im looking for cut peonies with medium to strong fragrance.

Double, semi's, bombs doesnt matter as much to me. I would love to try that pink hawaian coral, but reading some posts, corals seem to have a off odor? I dont want that! Let me know if that is the case.

Give me your best recommendations. I might just stick with songsparrow to try that pink spritzer just for fun. It looks like a fun one.

Give me your list of must haves for cuttings, fragrance on those two sites, one from songsparrow one from adelmans and ill make a decision .

Thank you in advance!

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chris_ont(5a Ont)

I love peonies. Any colour. And I love them after they bloom because they add a lush stand of greenery to the garden.

When I moved to this house I did not take my peonies with me, but started over. The reason is that I will never bother with double blooms again in this region.
Invariably, at the height of the bloom, we get a huge rainstorm and every last one of them ends up on the ground, torn by winds, or irreparably bent over supporting cages.

So, this time around I planted singles, which are available in a huge variety of colours. So far, so good!

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