It's been a month and peony buds still haven't opened

jlc102482(6)May 13, 2010

I am new to peonies and have recently purchased a house that has many peony plants in the backyard. It seems that several of the plants have had buds on them for over a month that still haven't opened. Is this normal? I think they are herbaceous peonies (they're not fern and not tree, anyway) and the tiny bit of petals that I can see are a deep red.

They are not in full sun and we have had some cold weather, but before the cold weather came in we had some unseasonably balmy weather, in the high 60s and low 70s. They are planted with many other plants but I don't think they're receiving any shade from them. I have a tree peony and another type of herbaceous peony that have both been blooming, but these red ones won't budge. What's the deal?

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Cold weather seldom bothers peonies. In fact they need a good cold period in order to grow properly. Certainly the lack of sun could definitely be the problem. Competing with too many other plants around them isn't helpful. A long-time peony grower suggested I not plant my new peonies too close to a Virbunum.

It also could be that they need a good dose of a good organic fertilizer like Espoma's Plant Tone, some Green Sand, and Super Phosphate if they haven't been encouraged in a long time. Good luck!

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Thank you for your help! I'll try thinning out some of their neighbors and fertilizing them.

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i think it may just be too early. i live across the river from detroit an peonies don't usually start here until mid-june. just wait them out. my irises have barely started, so i wouldn't be worried about the peonies just yet.

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The original poster mentioned " I'll try thinning out some of their neighbors and fertilizing them". You can not just thin the stalks to make them bloom. If you were speaking of dividing that should be done in the fall. Which probably would be a good idea but wait until it is after September 1 to divide.

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