Sharpie Industrial 12 pack (for plant markers) $8.14

joellenh(6b Jenks)June 3, 2011

This is nearly half price and winds up being just under 68 cents each (they are usually over a buck a pop). I use these for plant markers and they last all season....much longer than regular Sharpies.

Here is a link that might be useful: sharpie sale

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I use metal tags. One year I thought that the sharpies would work far better than the pencil that came with the tags. Huge mistake. Everything washed off. The pencils (possibly wax) worked far better.

What kind of tags do you use?


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joellenh(6b Jenks)

I write directly on the raised beds or on stainless plant markers.


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owiebrain(5 MO)

I think they've changed the formulation of Sharpies in recent years. I used to use them and they'd last at least a season in the Oklahoma sun. Then, the past couple of years, not so. I never knew there were industrial ones. Thanks!

Ilene sent me some wonderful grease pencils and I'm using those now on mini-blind markers -- and loving them! But I still need to buy some fo those industrial sharpies for writing on my construction tape labels.

Oh, and I'm also experimenting with embossing metal tags I've made from pop cans hubby brings home from work.

I might be obsessed with labels?


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