Have you seen it fruit?

kiwinutSeptember 23, 2009

The "Have you seen it bloom?" thread was very popular, so I thought I would start one for fruit. We see photos of the flowers all the time, but rarely do we see the fruit. Many hybrids are registered without any mention about fruit, so I thought this would be a good resource for those wondering if a hybrid ever sets fruit. Post your pics of any unusual fruits, rare fruits, tasty fruits, empty fruits, big fruits, colorful fruits, etc. Let us know what pollinated it if possible, and whether there were seeds. I'll start with a few of mine.

P. 'Guglielmo Betto'. These fruits are open pollinated by bees-most likely incarnata pollen. These had an average of 6 seeds each. Great flavor too!

Here is a fruit on P. Byte (Byron Beauty x Temptation). These are usually hollow or have a couple of seeds that don't germinate.

Here are a couple of fruits on P. edulis 'McCain'. The lower one dropped off prematurely, but the upper one ripened (140 grams!). Self-fertile.

Here is the inside.

More later...


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Those are interesting, kiwinut! I'm surprised that Guglielmo Betto makes so few seeds - it looks so much like P. incarnata (one of the parents, right?) that if the fruit was pollinated by P. incarnata, you'd think it'd be full of seeds, like P. incarnata.
Here's a picture I made recently of a P. 'Incense' fruit -

When it ripens, I'll take a picture of the seeds and post it.

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It's the perfect time of year for this topic.

Last summer I bought P. edulis 'Nancy Garrison' as a rooted cutting from Grassy Knoll. 'Nancy Garrison' is billed as having a couple degrees extra cold tolerance. It survived 26 F without damage and began blooming and fruiting in late Spring. Here is a picture of some of the fruits in early July.

The fruit started ripening recently, so suddenly I had all of these small passionfruits that were wrinkling quickly. I wasn't sure what to do with all of them. So I went to Nancy Garrison herself:

This was a picture of Nancy and a caption from Yamagami's Nursery in Cupertino. Since I "borrowed" their picture I might as well put in a plug for them and mention that starting tomorrow (Thursday) for the next couple weeks they are having a sale on all plants in 1 gallon or larger pots. Last I checked they had 1 and 5 gallon P. edulis ('Frederick', I think). I'm pretty sure the 1 gallon was $20 before the sale, so if you are looking for a nice plant for cheap, now's the time. If you happen to live near Cupertino.

Anyway, Nancy suggested juicing them, freezing the juice in ice cube trays and adding a cube to orange juice, lemonade or fruit salad.

Here are the results of squeezing 20 fruits (14 oz.). I got 3 ounces of juice--a little more than a third a cup:

There are several that I didn't juice yet because they are not fully ripe and shriveled.

I hate to toss the seeds and goop if anyone wants it. Email me if you want 1/3 of it. I'm not going to clean it, and I assume it will soon go bad. However since many people let the seeds + arils ferment before sowing, I would assume it will be fine for 3 or 4 days. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know.

One of the other plants I grow is P. 'Mission Dolores' (P. parritae x antioquiensis). Hopefully people aren't too sick of seeing my picture of the plant at Strybing:

Well, not only does 'Mission Dolores' have 6-7 inch flowers with 18-24 inch peduncles, I found out recently that it's self fertile and produces lots of fruit. I had read that P.antioquiensis vies with P. ligularis for the title of best tasting passionfruit. P. parritae is more of an unknown, although many Tacsonias are supposed to be good.

So I thought it would be fun to taste P. 'Mission Dolores' fruit. However my plant hasn't bloomed yet, although it has small buds. So if Nancy Garrison is a good person to go to to get advice on P. edulis 'Nancy Garrison', perhaps you can guess where one would go to taste a P. 'Mission Dolores'. There was in fact a ripe fruit, and I tore it open and drank some of the juice. It was pretty good--a very orangey flavor.

Here's a picture of the remnants after I brought it home:

Almost certainly the fruit is a product of the P. parritae x antioquienis ('Mission Dolores') self pollination, although there are a number of other Passiflora nearby. I don't know what surprises if any one might get from seeds like this (anyone have a clue?). Maybe I'll have to post and see if anyone has an idea.

If anyone wants a few (say 5) of the seeds to play with, perhaps together with the 'Nancy Garrison' seeds + goop, let me know. The 'Mission Dolores' seeds are clean and a week and a half old.

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Foetida Fruit

All Pollinated by Their own Pollen
***Not Ripe Yet***

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In the spirit of not posting other peoples' photos (even though it is clearly labeled as such), I'm going to delete the one of Nancy Garrison, the person. Instead, here's a link to her picture. It's a great picture and I would strongly encourage people to look at it.

I would also still encourage people to spend their money at Yamagami's--they are having a huge sale starting today.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Check out this little suberosa fruit!


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Sherry, many hybrids between species that are not closely related will be sterile or have reduced fertility. My P. Incense typically only has about 3 seeds per fruit. Rarely a fruit will be much better filled or completely hollow. Lady Margaret will usually only have 1-3 seeds. I'm just glad that Guglielmo Betto does produce seeds.

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