white spots on peony leaves

peonyfanMay 26, 2012

This is our first year in a home with two established peony plants. Today I noticed white spots on the leaves of one of the peony plants (attached a photo). I believe has just finished flowering for the season, and these spots seem to have appeared within the past few days. I am wondering what these are and what I should do. A few weeks ago I had to use a spade to remove an invasive wisteria that was shooting up within the peony plant, sort of near the edge, but unfortunately cutting into the peony root was necessary to remove the wisteria. I wonder if this stressed the peony plant. The plant is in near full sun, and we are in northern VA.

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The white spots are mold and should be sprayed with a fungicide as soon as possible. You can prevent further growth but can not eliminate what you have already. In our dry climate this is not much of a problem if good air movement is allowed and no overhead watering. I was hoping to hear from someone in a climate more like yours would respond with more specific recommendations. Al

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